Knime crashes when an "interactive" command is called from R on Windows

Hi every one,

- When I called the View() command from a R script in a R Node and executed it, Knime crashed.

For more details, this is the example code:

knime.out <- iris

View(iris)  # crash on Windows

- Suggestion:

I think that this may be because when Knime calls a process to run a R session, one has to add the option "--ess" for an interactive session on Windows.

I had some experience embedding R in my C++ application and the same crash occured only on Windows (but not on UNIX). After some research, the cause was:

"R --interactive" (default on UNIX) to open an interactive session and

"R --ess" on Windows.

 Cf :

Hope it may help,


Thanks for the tip, I was able to reproduce the problem and opened a ticket to see if we can fix it as you suggest. 



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