KNIME Crashes Without Warning


The KNIME Analytics Platform sometimes shuts down without any warnings, I am wondering what’s causing this and is there any way to avoid. I didn’t notice any specific actions that would trigger it to shutdown, it just sometimes closes off without warnings leaving everything unsaved. I am working with workflows saved on the KNIME server, is the server causing this issue? The version that I am using is v4.6.3.

Thank you.

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Hi @irene_x

For an outsider this is extremely difficult to troubleshoot based on just a description without seeing your logfile for potential clues (KNIME → View → Open KNIME log). Could you perhaps upload it?


@irene_x if it has to do with the KNIME server you might also want to contact the support.

A log file in debug mode might also help along with information about the system and setup.

One thing you might want to check if memory settings and garbage collection but there an admin or the support might have to help.

Also what does it mean you are working with workflows on the server?


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