KNIME Customized Error Messages (without Java)

Good morning to the KNIME Community,

I am searching for a possibility to customize KNIME Error Messages so my coworkes can understand the errors better and do not have to consult me every time. To clarify it should work with various errors.
During my search I found the “Breakpoint Node” but the possibilities to use it are too limited.
I also found the possibility to use a Java Snipped but I do not want to make my workflow more complicated as it already is so my coworkes can handle it after I leave.

In summary: Do you know any possibility to create customized error messages in an easy way? Or does some coding have to be involved?

Thanks a lot and have a great day

Hi @TobiLanga,

What is too limited for you in the Breakpoint node? You could use a /Variable Expressions node to generate a dynamic error message text, if that is what you need. I need to understand your requirements more, to be able to give you a better recommendation.


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