KNIME Dashboard chart + filters (like BI tools)

Dear community,

I created whole data pipeline and different charts to present the results.

Last thing is that I need to combine them in one dashboard where user could apply different filters, which we be seen on the charts.

I have successfully done some examples by encapsulating chart together with “Interactive value filter widget” and it works fine. Problem is when I have charts for which some other nodes are required (groupby), once the filter is applied, that graph won’t update.

Is there a possibility how to solve this?

Also, when I am showing more then 2k data points on scatter plot, charts and filters becomes almost unresponsive.
Am I reaching the maximum of KNIME or it is up to my pc ram/processor?

Thank you upfront,

Hi Jure,
The problem is that filtering can easily be done in the browser, but GroupBy and other aggregations cannot. Interactively running GroupBy is therefore not possible. You can, however, split your dashboard into multiple components in a recursive loop. The user changes settings in one component, the GroupBy is performed and then the data is shown in the next component. Regarding performance: this is because KNIME generates SVGs and when there are too many elements in that, the browser becomes unresponsive. So more RAM will certainly help here, but at some point you will still feel that the browser becomes sluggish. If performance is important, you’d have to build your own HTML canvas renderer in a Generic JavaScript View node.
Kind regards


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