Knime DB Query

Hi Community,

I am trying to pull some data out of SQL server.

I have the code here but I am not exactly sure about how to recreate the same using knime.

It would be wonderful if someone is able to help me get this started.

select * from [dbo].[pv3_mly_persona_metricdetails]
where pkmid in

select pkmid from pv3_mly_persona_metric where companyguid = ‘D2676968-C552-4319-A0F9-22ACF007E441’

Thank you.


Use Microsoft SQL Server Connect to connect to the server. When DB Query to retrieve data.


I just added the code.

I am using those 2 nodes but not able to understand how to put this code in the query node.

Put your code in the right panel.

i did, but im getting this error

You need to use DB Query Reader.


thank you for this. it worked

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