KNIME deep learning - python dependencies


I am using KNIME version 4.2.3. I am trying to set up python dependencies for deep learning and getting errors as shown in the screenshots below with tensorflow installation.

Could you please help me get through this?


Hey @veenamakesh,

welcome to the KNIME Community. I suggest to delete the CondaEnvs and reinstall them via KNIME. If the error persists, try to “harcode” the path to your Envs.

Hope I could help.


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KNIME 4.2.3 on windows 10 with TF2 also did not work for me, even if created via knime. The problem there is caused by knime requiring pyarrow 0.11 while certain tensorflow /dl nodes require a newer pyarrow version.

KNIME 4.3 solves that issue.

Hi @sven-abx, thanks for your reply.

I actually installed the envs for deep learning through KNIME, but was facing the problem.

Hi @kienerj, Thanks for your reply. I too created the envs via KNIME.

I do not see the pyarrow version dependency error, though I saw some error with pandas installation.

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