KNIME didn't make things easy, KNIME make things harder.

A really simple feature: convert json to table,

Why there were 100+ results ? it means 100+ problems.

Why we need 10 steps ?

Why we need manually write JsonPath code ?

Why not automatic find string by software ?

name, gender, dob, etc string

Why we can’t load json file ,and then directly convert table ?


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Hi @steveyang

Have you tried the JSON Path tool? It ahs a really easy click to select feature. I think that gives you close to what you are after. as you can see i got my fields in 3 nodes

Hope that helps


These are 4 nodes, not 3 nodes.

Can you reduce to 1 node get things done ?

@steveyang - The first note is the Get Request, so not counting that…

Really depends what the format of the data is in the JSON, In my use case.

Do you have an example JSON you can post?

Harder compared to what?

KNIME differs to other similar tools in that it provides “building blocks” (=nodes) to build more complex application. It doesn’t offer out of the box full solutions. So in that regards it’s more similar to programming. You get the tools / standard library but you have to build your algorithms ad solutions yourself.

Of course this makes it more complex and more skill is needed but it’s much more flexible.


Flexible means things can be the easiest, and also can be the hardest.

Flexible is not more complex.

Complex is not flexible.

Understand ?

The problem is not example whatever less data or more data.

The problem is need many steps to get results.

Can you give an example where this is one step in other platforms?

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I post the example like

Yes if you use a snippet node (requires programming) and you get things in only one node



There is a significant difference here. Platforms like knime are working on the basis of processing rows, (for example when i want to combine multiple lighthouse json reports this does it super quick, yes 2 or 3 + nodes, but remember this is a low code platform, not a one button application, and tbh, it’s pretty fast to get to where you need to once you have a few goes) so the json to table is expecting rows of json objects to parse into a combined table where the json has a fairly simple schema.

The JSON Path is a more effect method of getting to where you need to, in particular if the json schema is more complex.

The is cool, defo, but it doesn’t have to deal with having to deliver a single table. In fact i feed it one of my more complex schema’s and it generates multiple tables out of that… In Knime you can only have one table per stream…

Now, having said that it doesn’t mean i don’t think there is room for improvement to how json path works. For example it could save a step if rather than pushing collections (rows) to lists, it simply unpacked them staright offthe bat (saves having to use a ungroup node…)

but really, it’s not that complex to unpack a json.


I was still talking about steps, steps, steps, reduce steps, reduce steps.

@steveyang I am not entirely convinced your approach and tone is really helping the conversation.

What might help also to reduce such a task with Json to ‘one’ node/step would be to find and integrate into an R or Python node one of the “auto” Json approaches out there.

That might face the challenges @Gavin_Attard has described. One solution could be to export these files to several parquet files.


Have you ever heard something like components?
Build once, use every time you want.

pro tip: like @mlauber71 said, calm down and be proactive. Your approch is not useful for yourself, if you are finding solutions to your problem.


A bunch of pedantic people.

:slight_smile: we love you too! bye!


I’m not a programmer and I don’t think Knime is only for programmers. It may be not so obvious to everybody but object-relational mapping is not “a simple feature”.

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quite honestly, typical tone of voice in other online communities. I doubt you would approach people like this with your unfriendly tone in real life. You start a post with what is considered widely as shouting.

Then you complain about an open source tool in a community that is beyond compare in regards to its willingness to help. If you want to vent anger, please do so on fb and the likes. If you want a solution to your problem, come here.

@Gavin_Attard already reduced your workflow by 5 steps which seemed to be your initial request.

It is the same like asking, why MS Word does not provide a fill in the blanks template when you want to write a book.

Oh, and by the way, if you think KNIME is only for programmers - I am a finance person and am using KNIME to a great success every single day without having written just one line of code (ok, to be fair, learning regex right now).

So if you have a concrete question, post it here and I am sure this amazing community is willing to help.


Knime is such a wonderful tool and community is equally superb…


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