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Reach out for more info!

I am hiring a few candidates with KNIME and a data background at Digital Charging Solutions.
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The Finance Transformation Team is currently focused on optimizing the largest gross profit levers of the P&L; Revenue and COGS, where we believe a pragmatic billing & unit economic approach is required:

Use data and automation to scale our processes handling massive amounts of data for today and the future.

We design long term systems as well as being hands on providing stop-gap solutions.

In the short term we are using KNIME to do basic automation and as a transition technology, in the long term we are creating a micro service with Engineering. Great to have KNIME + Python skills and SQL.

This is the job description:

But also feel free to reach out directly to me on LinkedIn so that I can keep an eye on the application or to further discuss this.

Location Berlin.

Santiago C. Ti | LinkedIn


Thanks for the detailed background and link to the description! :+1:

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