Knime do not find updates.

Hi All

I currently have version 3.2.1 and what to update it to the latest. 

I follow "click here in order to upgrade" link and get the message "New releases of the following components are avalable ... " with KNIME and KNIME store 3.2 and  3.3 listed there. 

I press "Yes" (I want to upgrade) but then I get mesage  "No updates were found"(some times it  tryes to connect to servers, sometimes message is instant)

I do have 3.3 update among avalable software sites in preferences list.


Any hints?


Hi Tatiana,

when we released 3.3 we  had a lot of traffic on the server. Could you try to update again and let me know if it is working now?

Thank you! Iris

You also may want to check that the links for the 3.2 update sites are removed from the preferences. If you use the workspace with an older version after having upgraded to 3.3 the old update site links are sometimes added back leading to the message you encounter.

Hi Iris,

Sorry, I did not see this topic was updated, untill now.

Since than I already deleted the old version and installed the new one from scratch, so I can not check it.