KNIME does not start / splash hangs at "Loading org.knime.ext.dl4j.libs"


I want to start exploring data science with KNIME. Unfortunately, KNIME refuses to start. The Splash screen hangs at "Loading org.knime.ext.dl4j.libs". I downloaded and installed the full package. My system is a Windows 7 Pro with SP1, running on a laptop with i5-4200M @ 2,5GHz, 4GB RAM (around 1,8 GB can be used for KNIME as selected at installation).


Could you help me getting KNIME started?


Thanks in advance


Hi Robert,

Having installed the entire KNIME Analytics Platform with all extensions may be memory consuming. Did you try to download KNIME Analytics Platform without all plugins and only install the plugins you need afterwards? 

Let me know if this works!