Knime downloads do not have r or python nodes.

HI All,

Since I reinstalled the latest versions of knime, the downloads/installs do not include R or Python nodes. I tried using both 32 and 64 bit versions and I also tried older versions.

Many Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi @faisalwm,

Unfortunately, KNIME decided to only ship a lightweight version of the KNIME Analytics Platform without a bunch of nodes pre-installed e.g., Python and R nodes. Nevertheless, you can install these nodes via the official update site:

Watch out for the KNIME Python Integration and KNIME Interactive R Statistics Integration. More details about how to install extensions can be found here.

– Daniel


Hi Daniel - many thanks for the reply. When i try browsing to the location you provided, it says " This page is not meant for human browsing".

Also, when i try accessing extensions from the “file>>install KNIME Extesions” options, i get an error saying “contact software sites has encountered a problem”.

The first behaviour is expected as these update sites are not meant to be accessed with browsers.

The second error message should not happen. Please try the following:

  1. Open KNIME and click on menu Help > Install New Software… (at least this is the menu name on Mac – Windows should be similar)

  2. As you can see in the screenshot, paste the url into the field Work with: and press Enter. Make sure there are no leading or trailing whitespaces and maybe play around with the “contact all update sites” checkboxes.

  3. Search for Python and/or R, select these extensions and hit Next to install the extensions.

Does the error still occur? Are you behind a firewall or proxy?

– Daniel


Thanks once again Daniel. I tried your recommended method but kept getting a message saying no software available at locaiton. As you mentioned, seems like some firewall setting.

I tried downloading the extension repository locally and that did the trick.

Thanks once again for your help.


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