KNIME executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library

My student encountered this message. He tried to uninstall and reinstall KNIME but it would not let him.
error message
This is his message: “my Knime application was working yesterday 11/12 when I was working on my project, however when I tried to open it today I got this error message and I am not sure how to solve this issue. When I tried to uninstall Knime and reinstall it, it would not let me.”

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Learn2019,

We’d need some additional information to investigate this:

  • How have they “installed” KNIME? Using an installer or from a ZIP archive?
  • Which operating system are they on? (It looks like Windows 10…)
  • Can you please try to get the exact error message or a screenshot of when they are trying to uninstall?

It sounds like the installation (directory) somehow got corrupted…

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Yes, he used installer on windows 10. Here are two screenshots when he tried to uninstall:

I would suggest to download the ZIP archive version of KNIME and extract it to C:\ while we figure out what is going on with the installation. If this works, it’s likely that there is an issue with the installer/installation but not KNIME itself on the machine.

This is his email:

I downloaded the zip file and extracted the files, It then allowed me to open Knime and said I needed to add it as an exception for my window security to allow it to open/run. Which I did

After saying yes it opened and then I put the knime application on my homescreen from the zip file and tried to open Knime again and got the original error message I started with. It is not allowing me to open it again

It does however open this when I try to go back into the zip file and click on the knime icon, which is now gone and left is a cog icon with the word knime.

Hi @Learn2019

Is he moving the .exe file to his homescreen? If so, this could cause this error. This way the .exe will not be in the same repo as the dependecies. Could you ask him instead to create a shortcut by right clickins on the exe file, and say “create shortcut”? Then move this shortcut to where he wants it and try again.

Let me know it this might help.



Thank you. Yes, that was the problem. Now KNIME is working on his computer…

Thanks again.

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