Knime extensión a Qlik Sense

Buenas tardes actualmente tengo a la necesidad de leer informacíón en archivos formato QVD generados por Qlik Sense.

Es posible leer es tipo de archivos desde Knime?

KNIME can work with QVX files

El NodePit ya lo tengo poro cuando quiero llevar el nodo QVX reader al WorkFlow me sale este mensaje “no se pudieron encontrar extensiones que proporcionen los nodos faltantes”

Could you repost on English?

The NodePit I already have it pore when I want to carry out the QVX reader to the WorkFlow I get this message “I cannot find extensions that provide the missing nodes”

Hi @jhonguzman88,

the message is a bit misleading as it means you don’t have appropriate update site enabled. So in case you haven’t managed to install this Extension yet here are steps. For this Extension you need to enable Community Extensions Experimental update site (which is by default disabled). Go File --> Preferences --> Install/Update --> Available Software Sites and enable it.
See picture:

Then to install Extension(s) from within KNIME go File --> Install KNIME Extensions... and type “Qlik” and you’ll see extensionsneeded to get these nodes.

Additionally here is link for more on Update Sites:

Hope this helps!


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