KNIME Features Demo

Hi Team,

We have KNIME features demo tomorrow. The participants are pre dominantly excel, VBA & PowerBi users/developers. I have the below details with me.

It would be great if you could provide some tips or features to make the presentation more effective.

Parameter VBA (Macro) KNIME
Scalability Limited Unlimited
Integration Limited Unlimited
Intuitive User Interface No Yes
Handling Big Data sets No Yes
Database Connectivity Limited Unlimited
Auditing & Troubleshooting Lack of transparency Good transparency
Advanced Analytics No Yes
Open Source No Yes

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From my view small real workflows and tasks someone could follow might do the trick if people are interested in how things work and maybe reluctant to try out new things.

Concerning knime and excel - you could substitute some functions and make them more effective but they also could work together.

You are aware of the free book helping people to go from excel to knime

And then there is this meta workflow that list a lot of things how to handle excel related questions in and with knime.

Concerning databases and big data KNIME has a lot of great functions and connectors and can handle the steering of spark and pyspark functions (I plan on releasing another meta workflow about that soon).

A good starting point in general is the official “KNIME Database Extension Guide”

KNIME can give you a small standalone database in a single file and all the tools you need

KNIME and SQLite - simple example (4.0 New DB nodes)

Then there is big data. KNIME also handles that

KNIME Big Data Extensions User Guide

And a small example in big data

Comparison of Hive and Spark SQL


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