Knime File Reader - Ignore spaces and Tabs

Hi Guys!

I am relatively new to Knime. Have been using it for running few daily jobs for past couple of months.

The system has performed very well upto now but for past couple of days the File Reader Node has been giving an error.

In my node "Ignore Spaces and Tabs" checkbox is set to true. The file reader throws - "Too few data elements" .  However if I uncheck and check the "Ignore spaces and Tabs" again the reader works fine.

Infact any option that causes the file to reload - read column header, read row ids, etc. fixes the issue.

I have cleared metadata, restarted knime and OS but the problem persists.

I run knime in the batch mode and the Knime version being used is 2.12.1

Can someone please guide me on this? 


When you open up the File Reader node, and shift the check boxes on any element, then it re-checks the file to see how many columns the file has.  If the number of columns in the input file is changing from import to import, then you will need to do this.  Or you can allow short lines, but then have to do some hygiene work after.  I hope that makes sense.



Thanks Charlie.

The input file and the number of columns are constant.

The rows too are of same length but will try out short lines.

The issue is happening randomly and I am not able to point out to any pattern.

Thanks for the suggestion !

Hey ishan4488,

It is hard to recreate this issue. Is it possible for you to upload an example file where this happens together with a workflow that just contains your configured File Reader?

There have been a couple of changes in the File Reader since 2.12. Could you test it with the latest version and check if the problem persists?

Thank you,