Knime for Sales Analysis

Hi All

Would you please advise that can Knime be used for sales analysis? if so, which work flow will be used for it. Would be grate ful if you can give any example.


Zubair Khan

Dear Zubair,

KNIME Analytics Platform provides easy access to a collection of example workflows using the KNIME explorer view. You can open the different workgroup directories and browse through the workflows or you can search for a specific workflow using the search box. At the moment the KNIME Examples Server does not provide example related to sales analysis, but you may be interested in some example related to time series analysis that can be applied to sales to perform break-even analysys, sales predictons, etc (knime://EXAMPLES/04_Analytics/07_Time_Series). Moreover, KNIME Analytics Platform provides many nodes that can be used for descriptive analysis for instance, and it offers the possibility to create reports as well.

Which kind of sales analysis are you interested in?

Hope that this helps.