Knime Forum: Into the Dark World

Hi all, I’ve seen a few posts of Knime users requesting for a dark mode for the software itself. But I haven’t seen anyone requesting the same for the forum. I’m active both during the day and at night. For night time, although I’m using the lowest screen brightness, the whitespace layout for the forum is too bright. Is there any option to switch my layout to a dark mode for the forum that I’m not aware of?


Good question! Let me check.

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Hi @ScottF , any update on this?

Also, this is off-topic, but to whom can I send an email if I I’ve found a buffer overflow error that I think might be linked to security vulnerability?


No update yet, it may be a while.

If you’ve found a nasty security error, please send a note to so we can create a ticket in our system and have the engineers take a look right away. Thanks!

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Alrighty. Thanks @ScottF for your time!

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