KNIME getting crashed.

Hi Guys,

My KNIME keeps getting crashed for few weeks now. i cannot do any work with this application as it keeps getting crashed while the nodes are being executed. Any help with this?


If you attach a KNIME log you can have a better help.

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I do not get any output at all. Just the KNIME gets crashed which means it gets closed while the nodes are executing. Now the whole machine has become slow due to this application issue.

Please post your KNIME log.


I can paste the KNIME log here it gives me a 502 error. What can I do for this to share KNIME log with you?

Now the KNIME crashes more frequently than today morning. Please somebody help me with this issue. This application gives me a such headache.

I @psycho

Can you attach the KNIME.log file?


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HOw to attach KNIME LOG other than copy and pasting is there any other way?


Frequent hard application crashes are often a sign of an hardware problem such as bad RAM. Java applications almost never crash. They run into errors but they don’t disappear. Exceptions are when you are running native code which the new UI does with the integrated browser, for example. We haven’t heard of crashes in this area yet.


But this has been happening for me for more than 2-3 weeks. Today its the worst , crashed out for more than 20 times.

I tried copy and paste on a notepad and upload it but I couldn’t because this forum does not allow me to upload the document which is more than 4MB in size, What can I do ?

If it’s getting worse it’s even more a sign of hardware issues.


Can you post the most recent bits of the KNIME log by looking at the date stamp, and just copy that text into a separate file? Probably more than 4MB of log file are not needed to diagnose the issue.

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1 On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key + R together to invoke the Run box
or simply open the Run from start menu.
Type mdsched.exe and press Enter.

2 Click Restart now and check for problems.

3 Now Windows will check the memory automatically. Wait till the testing 100% completes.

4 After the testing, Windows will restart automatically
This will fix all RAM errors.

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Hi @psycho , when you say KNIME crashes while nodes are executing, do you mean the entire KNIME application just disappears with no error messages, while you are running a particular workflow?

If so, I’d say it is a memory configuration issue where you have allocated more memory to KNIME than is available during processing. When this occurs, java (and therefore KNIME) will just vanish. How much system memory have you got, and how much have you allocated to KNIME? (by allocated, I mean how much have you told KNIME it can use, since it isn’t actually “allocated” as such… hence the problem!)

If that isn’t the symptoms, you can ignore the above :wink:

further info:

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Is KNIME the only app that crashes?


Hi @psycho,

to approach this issue constructively we require, as pointed out by many others before, more details like:

  1. Which Knime version do you use?
  2. Did you update Knime and all extensions?
  3. Did you tried compressing the file to zip and then just renaming its extension to txt so you can upload it?
  4. Please provide more details about the symptoms. It seems you can start Knime but not run any workflow. Or does Knime crash only on specific Workflows?
  5. Have you considered downloading the self extracting archive to test a fresh version without installation?

In case it’s indeed a hardware issue, you might use this free app to test your system stability:



Yes I downloaded my KNIME into my other laptop and its working alright. Thank you for suggesting me to check RAM , it was 8GB now in the new laptop its 32GB and the application is running faster now.


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