KNIME Hackathon, September 18-25, 2019, Konstanz, Germany

Dear KNIME Developer Community (and anyone interested),

We are holding a KNIME Hackathon in our lovely Konstanz office (or as we call it: KNOffice) during September 18 - 25 and we’d like you to join!

Bringing developers, hackers, and researchers from different fields together with KNIMErs to work on development projects is our motivation for this event. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t contributed to KNIME yet or developed a Community Extension. Everyone is welcome to join (and if you are still a little unsure if this is for you, do get in touch with any questions you might have!): We’d very much like to connect with new community members!

The agenda for our 7-day hackathon is still pretty flexible. Are there topics you’d like to discuss? We’d like to streamline the schedule to include your ideas, so please do let us know what you’re interested in. Here’s what’s planned so far:

  • September 18 (10:00 AM - tbd): KNIME Development Learnathon
    • KNIME Node development
    • Potentially JavaScript/View development
    • Tooling, e.g. custom update sites
  • September 19 - 25: hacking on projects

At the hackathon you’ll have a nice spot in which to hack, and drinks and food will be provided (so that you don’t starve while you are with us!). Just bring your own laptop, power cable, and a project idea that is related to KNIME.

Like to join? Send a short summary of your project (incl preliminary work), as well as how this fits in with the bigger picture, e.g. your (scientific) career, to me, And do let us know about any special needs or requests, disabilities, etc. you might have.

The KNIME Hackathon is a free event. We are also looking to support Early Career Researchers and Developers with travel grants. If you are interested in applying, please also provide a short motivation why we should support you with a travel grant.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Konstanz!

Best regards,

PS: Don’t hesitate to ask questions below or via email!


Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to stay for the whole duration of KNIME Hackathon?
    • Not at all! Feel free to join us for a couple of days only, e.g. for the KNIME Development Learnathon and an additional day to do some hacking. It would be great if you could mention that in one of your emails, though…

Thanks at first for holding this activity. I’m cheered to attending it. But before, I’m not so clear about few points:

  1. The agenda for September 19 - 25: hacking on projects. Are the projects already with fixed topics, for example, implement SVN algorithm in KNIME, or free chosen by attenders?
  2. Is this more like a competition or a workshop?
  3. Do people work in a team?
  4. Is it mandatory to attend all of those activities until 25 Sep?


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Dear @KFDing,

The topics are defined by the attendees. That is, you should already have an idea of what you will be working on during the Hackathon. We are perfectly (or much rather painfully) aware that goals might change as you work on the project, but you should stick to the general direction.

It’s not a competition (that I can say for sure). It’s a workshop in a sense that you are free to exchange with other participants and start new collaborations. Having said that, participants will come come from a variety of different fields, so don’t expect others to be working on exactly the same domain as you are. But in many cases you might be working on very similar algorithms or implementations…

Not necessarily. But there are people working on similar topics which leads to regular and active discussions.

It is not! We are aware that an event that spans a weekend is suboptimal for some participants. Hence, feel free to only stick around for a couple of days. If you do so, please let us know in advance so that we can plan accordingly…



@stelfrich Thanks for your great description!!