KNIME HELP! "Create file name" with a same-name variable

I have two documents. In one is the name of the countries (GE, BO, US,…) with cities (BE, LP, WA,…). I had to match this list with the other document, to just have the specific countries with the specific cities. As I had to create a look, to save each file depending on the name of the country, I added the “create file name”, where I could add the variable “country” as the wanted name for each document.
All is working fine, except that I have some countries that contain 3 cities. For example in Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt. When I execute the loop, the result in this case would be: File name “GERMANY” from the city Berlin. but the other two cities are being ignore.

Is there a form to save 3 file with the same name, such as “Germany”, “Germany1”, … where each file has the specific city? *This is one example out of other 20 countries

Thank you!

Hi @em_ta,

could you provide an example workflow?
Where it currently ignores the other two cities?
Could not quite follow your explenation how the current workflow petforms :confused:

Just something small to see why you have this problem :slight_smile:

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