KNIME: How to add numbers on two matching columns

I am a beginner to KNIME, and am trying to add values together based on matching columns.

I have three columns SKU, QTY on hand and batch. I need to add all the qty’s on hand for matching sku and batches (sometimes the same batch can have multiple different sku’s)

I have tried to use a simple set up of an excel reader and a row aggregator. However, the row aggregator only sums on either matching sku or batch and not both.

How would I be able to either change row aggregator to include both, or is there another tool that would be able to do it better?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Biravien_Anan

You are looking for a groupBy node. In here, you first define which of the columns should be considered as grouping columns (SKU and BATCH)

Under the aggregation tab, sum the QTY


This works thank you so much!

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