KNIME , How to connect and manipulate a database.

Hello everyone and thanks for your attention, I wanted to ask you something very important for my project, I hope I can find some help here.
In my case I have a table in the database in which there are 50 certifications with various columns including the price of each certification, I want to make the user from the frontend part of the site select a filter to search on this table ( for example:price < 200) and then clicking on a button starts the knime workflow which will then give an output. The problem is that I can’t:

  1. get the user input to arrive on a knime node thus modifying the query written inside the node ( e.g. if the user selects price<200 the query will have to be select* FROM certifications WHERE price<200)
  2. have the user clicking on a button start the knime workflow

could someone help me to solve this problem? really thx!!

Hallo @keenkang,

to get the user input, you can either use one of our Configuration nodes (i.e. Integer Configuration) or one of our Widget nodes (i.e. Integer Widget). Both nodes can be used inside of a Component. The Configuration nodes appear as Configuration inputs in the Configuration dialog of the component. The Widget nodes appear in the Interactive View of the component. In both cases the users can provide an input value (in your example: 200). This input value is then available as a Flow Variable (red circle output port of the Configuration/Widget node). If you then connect the Flow Variable port to your DB Row Filter node, you can use that Flow Variable in your DB Row Filter node to overwrite the value. In the Configuration dialog of the DB Row Filter node, you can find the Flow Variable tab where you can assign the Flow Variable to overwrite the value.

I hope that helps and good luck on your project,

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