Knime Hub issue : Component reload after 5 mns ?

Hi all,

We have another issue on migrating to Knime Business Hub on workflows with Component (to get user’s inputs) :

If we do not click on the Next button within ~5mns, the Component will reload as new when we want to pass to the next step with the next button.

All the values got from user are lost in consequence.

I changed the Sum of rows workflow on the community hub to reproduce the issue that you can find here.

Scenario :

  1. On the first Component, change some values
  2. Wait for > 5 minutes
  3. Click on Next button
    => the page reload and what we changed in step 1 are lost @@

Anyone has an idea how to correct this please ?

Many thanks in advanced,

Thanh Thanh


I tried to reproduce this and was not able to. When you change the values are you hitting enter to confirm them as well? Can you also let us know if you still see this issue happening?

Do you receive any type of timeout messages anywhere?