I am trying to increase my heap space but can not find a knime.ini file anywhere on my system?  Any advice on how to find it or if maybe it goes by another name?

The "knime.ini" file should be in the same directory  as the "knime.exe" file. See the attached image.

I cannot find my knime.ini file on a mac. I need to increase my heap space. I have copied a path to the contents file within my KNIME directory below:


As you can see, ther is no knime.exe or knime.ini file
I am lost as to where to find this file.

Can someone give me some directions on how to find this file.

Correction - this is my path to the “Contents” directory - with the files and directories within this directory listed below it.

the “locate” command is not helping me at all:


NVM. I found it in the Contents directory in the Eclipse subdirectory - I had looked in every subdirectory but that one because I did not think it would be in there, and figured I was getting way off base.