KNIME installation breaks Group Policies on Windows

Dear all,

I'm facing a problem with Group Policies.

After installing KNIME (3.0.0) on Windows 7 Enterprise x64 (without even lauchning KNIME for the first time), no Group Policies are applied any more.

We noticed the problem because automated network drive mappings after user logon stopped working. We were able to pinpoint the issue to KNIME by testing directly before and after KNIME installation (and monitoring the installation). Uninstalling KNIME does not fix the issue for us.

Do you have any advice how to solve this?




It seems like KNIME creates the following registry key upon installation:




which breaks Group Policies as mentioned in my original post.

Any idea why that is done? Is it needed for some functionality of KNIME??

I believe this has been removed for knime 3.1 and I think it related to word. 

@lhasa-knime-developers Thanks for your reply.

Could you link to some information what was the issue with MS Word that relates to it.

Is KNIME 3.1 available already? I only found 3.0.1 on the downloads.


3.0.1 is indeed latest version.

Changes between v3.0.0 and v3.0.1

Release date: November 10, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 6460: KNIME Installer not to create Windows Registry keys (possibly breaks Word 2010) - all self-contained again

This I got from the changelog page, I believe this is your bug that is fixed.

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yes this sounds like the Word Problem we ran into. 3.1. will be release on Sunday.

Please try the solution as in our faq and feel free to contact us in case this is not working for you.

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