KNIME Installation on Windows - Help us gain "trust"!

To the KNIME users on Windows:

We need your help! Fairly recently we needed to renew a Microsoft code signing certificate since the old one expired. These certificates are used to sign Windows executables such as the KNIME Installer or self-extracting archive.

Upon installation Microsoft Windows will find the certificate “valid” but not “trusted” – it needs downloads and approval by many users to gain trust. Microsoft doesn’t say how many “many” is but it must be a couple thousand.

So if you want to do us a favor, download a KNIME build today, run it, confirm the consent screen and help KNIME Analytics Platform 4.6 gain trust with Microsoft. Future downloaders will thank you because they will not have to go through the warning screen below. There is documentation here and this is what it looks like when you run the app (if you don’t see it then KNIME is officially considered trusted):


It’s hopefully only a couple of days until Microsoft trusts the certificate.

So what to do now? Download the file below (it’s a self-extracting archive), run it and confirm the consent screen (“more info” → “run anyway). You can then either go forward with the installation or abort. All internal tests have passed, so this file is very very likely going to be the 4.6.0 release as will be announced tomorrow (15 June).

Thank you!

– The KNIME Team –


Thanks to everyone who helped here. It seems KNIME Analytics Platform is considered a trusted application by Microsoft by now.


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