Knime Integration with ElasticSearch

I am trying to integrate ElasticSearch with Knime. I am currently using Knime client 4.2.2 in accordance with the server we have currently. I was trying out the connection in local but I get the following error. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
WARN : KNIME-Worker-4-DB Reader 0:40 : : TransactionManagingWrapper : DB Reader : 0:40 : A local transaction has not been closed!
WARN : KNIME-Worker-4-DB Reader 0:40 : : TransactionManagingWrapper : DB Reader : 0:40 : An error occurred during the closure of the unclosed local transaction.
java.sql.SQLException: Auto-commit is enabled
at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.jdbc.JdbcConnection.rollback(
at org.knime.database.connection.impl.managing.transaction.BroadTransactionManagingConnectionWrapper$ShortTransaction.close(

Hi @vibha43 -

I think we need more information about what you’re doing here. Can you upload an example workflow (no included credentials, please!) that documents what you’ve tried so far?

Hey @vibha43,

Besides the Elasticsearch Nodes might be worth a try to integrate Elasticsearch with KNIME the easy way and read and write data from and to your cluster. Feel free to try them and see if they fit your use case.

Disclaimer: I am the developer of these nodes. Feel free to reach out to me in case of questions.

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