Knime Intergration with OpenSearch or ElasticSearch

Hello, I would like to inquire if there are any nodes available in Knime that can assist me in searching through folders and subfolders of files using a technology such as OpenSearch or a similar option like Elastic Search. Specifically, I recommend considering the utilization of OpenSearch provided by AWS.

Both OpenSearch and ElasticSearch have a REST API that you can use with KNIME’s GET Request, POST Request, … nodes. Here’s a component that uses the REST API: ElasticSearch Bulk Load – KNIME Community Hub. However, you do not only need to communicate with the API, you also need to build an index on your content. How do you want to do this? Do you need to update the index every time a file changes, or only one time?
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Hi Razov,

there’s the Elastic Search nodes available on NodePit with dedicated nodes for reading, writing, and searching Elastic Search indices in different versions:

I’m not sure if they can be used to interact with OpenSearch as well – maybe @danielesser, the maintainer of the nodes can give some feedback.

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