Knime is a tool that always surprises me!

I want to record here how this tool helps me in my daily life. Below, I’m sharing an achievement I reached using Knime effortlessly.

I managed to run TIBCO TDV, a virtualization tool where I can bring data from SAP BW, using only 1 node. I’m using Python combined with SQL (TDV requires SQL). Knime orchestrates the entire process in a very simple way. I just needed to receive a connection string and install the JDBC driver. It’s fantastic.

I would love to see my company advance in the use of Knime by acquiring the server version, but things take a while to happen around here. I understand that for a giant company, incorporating a new tool and then serving a multitude of users is not a simple task at all.


congrats mr. @Aldemir, impressed by what you’ve accomplished.

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