KNIME is amazing!

I felt compelled to say how incredibly robust and useful KNIME is!

One of my jobs is technology evaluation, so I see a lot of tools. I’m simply amazed at how useful KNIME is! Back in the early '80s, when programming in assembler, C and FORTRAN, I actually pictured a tool like KNIME, but that was back in the days of 100Mb hard-disks, and floppies for file transfer, and pre-dated common use of mouse-driven GUIs.

Anyway, I just wanted to complement the creative and hardworking minds behind this awesome tool; thanks!! :slight_smile:

BTW, apparently Gartner agrees, since KNIME is a Gartner “top quadrant” product!


What’s up Bassman. Your excitement reminds me of my initial excitement using the software too. Cheers!