Knime is splintering my workflow!

Hi community!

I have huge trouble with Knime currently.
I am working on several workflows and everytime I am done I export my work into knif.s

It happens, that when I import my work, knime gets an error while running the flow and crashes my workflow.
It changes the position AND LINKS of nodes and replaces some nodes completely.

What to do about it? Has anyone seen this kind of crash before?


Could you elaborate any further. What version of KNIME do you use and what operating system? There have been problems with the internal compression of data in KNIME workflows on certain versions of macOS and KNIME in the past *1). If you could share a .log file from when such a thing happens it might also help to understand what is going on.

Then are you trying to import/export whole folders of several workflows and do you try to integrate them or do you make ‘fresh’ copies? Do you have and automatic backup system like DropBox in place?

Where do you save the .knar/.knwf workflows in the meantime? I have experienced problems with saved workflows on USB sticks and SD cards, since depending on the quality and mechanism of storage they might be highly unreliable; the same goes for external drives that are power by USB 2.0 ports and might not provide enough energy for proper operation.


Hi mlauber! Thanks for helping me!

Version KNIME: 2018.2.5.28994
Windows 10

I am importing several workflows and I make fresh copies.
I save all the workflows on egnyte - dropbox like
The .knwfs are save in a separate folder on egynte as well.

Log.file - when I try to load a workflow and it crashes

02c_Fix 3 loaded with error during data load
02c_Fix 3
Unable to load settings for node with ID suffix 225: Unable to read settings file “path of my workspace”\02c_Fix\Column Rename (#225)\settings.xml
Unable to insert connection “[9(1) -> 227( 2)]”
Joiner 3:2
State has changed from CONFIGURED to IDLE
IMPORT 3:229
Unable to insert connection “[224(1) -> 226( 1)]”
IMPORT 3:332
Unable to insert connection “[274(1) -> 275( 2)]”

Could you try to run have knime-workspace on a non-egnyte folder? And try the save and load operation there. I have encountered problems on certain versions of OneDrive that prevent the usage of special characters namely the hashtag (#) on which KNIME is relying heavily for their data structure. Also if there is some synchronisation to other places or with other systems it might ‘disturb’ KNIME’s file handling.

And the can you say which KNIME version you use in the style of 3.6.1 … I am not familiar with the other notation.