KNIME is unstable

It is 3 AM ..

i installed around 6 different KNIME versions. 

3 on Windows ,3 on Mac OS ...

1 Knime SDK 2.12 on Windows

2 Eclipse + Knime 2.12 on Windows

3 Knime SDK 3.0.1 on Windows

4 Knime SDK 2.12 on MacOsX

5 Eclipse + Knime 2.12 on MacOsX

6 Knime SDK 3.0.1 on MacOsX

I was not able to run 1 single instance of it. 

After 3 Months into my Master thesis.. my conclusion is : I hate Knime. It is unstable. It is utterly complicated to run it. The memory usage is just ridiculous. The Developer experience is just slow and feels like programming 10 years ago.

Sorry this is just a rant.You can delete this post. I am sure it works on your machine, good for you. I just really had a really bad user experience. Maybe, KNIME is not for me. 

Hi reBourne,

wow you are working really late. Sorry, that you have complications running KNIME. We would like to help, of course, but therefore need more details. Can you run KNIME, does KNIME start on your machine, if not, can you send us your logs. We need details for further investigations.

About the memory, you can specify the heap space that KNIME can use the file knime.ini located in the installation directory. There is a setting "Xmx", increase that number according do your needs and hardware. What kind of memory problems do you have if KNIME does not run on your machine?

We will get you through this.

Cheers, Kilian

I basically have the same problem as in this thread (at least for Mac OS X ) :

On Windows it is :
WARN KNIMEApplication$3 Potential deadlock in SWT Display thread detected. Full thread dump will follow as debug ouput.

Do you have the same problems with 3.1?

Cheers, Kilian

Luckily, no ! 

I downloaded 3.1 and tested it . It is MUCH better now. 

Great, thanks for the update.

Cheers, Kilian