KNIME java library for Text mining and clustering

Hello ,

I am curretly doing similarity measure and clustering of Text data, i have to say KNIME is very powerfull and i got good results in no time. I would like to use this workflow as a Java/scala and spark code. so do Knime provide some .jar file or libraries to use it for coding?


Hello jogamol,

It's great to hear that you like the KNIME Analytics Platform!

You can run the Analytics Platform in batch mode. By this you can execute a specific workflow from within Java.

Hava a look at the FAQ:


Hi Ferry ,

Thanks for Reply.

Do you provide some library, so i can use it in my program?


Hello Amol,

I don't think so, but if the power of the Analytics Platform does not suffice your needs, please have a look at the KNIME Big Data Extensions (e.g by getting your free 30-day-trial). I am sure the KNIME Streaming API or the Spark Connection will suprise you with it's power.