Knime Java Snippet node not executing

Hello Everyone,

I am using the Java Snippet node to connect to the i have written the Java code to filter and concatenate some complex strings and i have attached this node in between two nodes the row filter and column filter

The issue is nothing happens when i executes this node which means, the code written is not getting executed at all.

I used the system.out.println to debug it but no luck on it even.

Any suggestions what could be the issue..




Best thing for debugging is to enable DEBUG logging in KNIME's prefs., then you'll get detailed stacktraces in the console, showing you exactly the place of your error/exception.

-- Philipp

Can you tell me the location of this file.I can not find it.

Also my Java snippet code connects with the MSAccess DB executes a select query gets the result and does some string manipulation with the results.

I have written all this code inside  the default  public void snippet() method.But somehow it is not getting executed.

same code gets executed from a standard eclipse IDE.

Also when i write a simple code to concatenate two strings in the Java Snippet node(not the Java Snippet(Simple)) node.It works fine the problem is only with the JDBC code.

Also i cannot use the database reader and other nodes to perform this operation as i will need a armada of nodes.

Can you please suggest what could be the issue??





(1) The file is somewhere in the workspace. I've currently no way to check on a local setup

(2) You can enable DEBUG logging in the GUI and it will show up in the "Console" tab. No need to watch the logfile externally

(3) If your snippet is not executed, the input table has probably no rows? The method is called for each input row once.