KNIME Job completed but tagged not executable

The KNIME job appears to run fine (workflow built for the WebPortal) but is tagged as “Not executable” in the Jobs section of the server. The warnings relate to two instances where I have used a Create Table Structure and the node created an empty data table. This is as intended and doesn;t mean the job is not executable. Any thoughts?



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Hey Ben,

If you take a look at the Execution Lifecycle section of the docs, it means that there exist unconnected nodes.

I would start by checking if there are some stray nodes out of frame on that workflow.



It does state the specific nodes it has an issue with but a worthwhile exercise nonethless. Thanks for suggestion. Ben

Happy to help!
Let me know if you need any other help.


The info in the jobs section indicates these were the problem nodes which is what was confusing me. There was indeed a stray node as you stated. Located, removed and issue resolved. Thanks!


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