Knime Labs Quick Form Value filter possible bug


when piping a table with more than 60 rows to the Knimes Lab quick form value filter node it creates a null pointer exception. This is a reproducible error (see picture). Or am I doing something wrong?




I encountered this error as well (in version 3.0.1, and Win 7 Pro). However, I get the error regardless of the number of rows.

In case it helps, I'm attaching a simple workflow created in version 3.0.1. The meta node contains a Value Filter node that throws an NPE. 

From the console:

ERROR NodeContainerEditPart            The dialog pane for node 'Validate Numeric Data Column 2:547' has thrown a 'NullPointerException'. That is most likely an implementation error.
ERROR Value Filter         2:547:552  Configure failed (NullPointerException): null


This is an older thread, but I just tried to reproduce the error. So far I was not able to. Can you verify that you are still having this problem with the current version (3.1.2) of KNIME? If yes, could you provide a workflow that fails so that I can have a look at it?