KNIME Large Server Pricing

Hello KNIME Community,

I have few questions for KNIME server large pricing and user management in a given scenario.

In our scenario we have a repository of the use cases let say 50, now a new client enrolled for some of the use cases of our repository let say 5.
Client may want to modify the use case for it is own purpose, so i need to add them as a User not only Consumer.

Question:- How to manage license in this scenario and how should be pricing of the new user ?

Like a number of user will be keep adding and removing, do i need to purchase the license for each user or i can have a pool of license.
How we will manage this like form some portal/app or do i need to connect to KNIME sales team every time i want to increase license count/add user .

Will really appreciate if some one can guide me.

Wizard Dk

Dear @Wizard_dk

Thank you for reaching out to us.

By definition, a “User” in KNIME Server means an identifiable user of the Software and is assigned a unique user ID. A User is an individual person who is authorized by the Customer to use the applicable KNIME Software. User IDs may not be shared (i.e. may not be used by more than one person). More info are available on the End User Subscription Agreement.

If you are interested in adding new users to your license subscription, you should actually upgrade your license to accommodate those new users.

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