KNIME "less secure app" for Gmail


I am doing a proof of concept with a client who uses gmail as their business email account. They would like to send the occasional automated emails using KNIME using their business gmail SMTP credentials.

This has been easy to set up using the email node but I have hit an issue with Google Security.

Google regards KNIME as a ‘less secure’ app.

"When a third-party app meets our security standards, you can:

  • See what level of account access you’re giving the app before you connect your Google Account
  • Let the app access only a relevant part of your Google Account, like your email or calendar
  • Connect your Google Account to the app without exposing your password
  • Disconnect your Google Account from the app at any time"

Basically KNIME has to meet these standards or the only way to do this POC is by allowing ‘less secure apps’ in the gmail account settings (which I am reluctant to do for client perception as well as security reasons).

Is there any way that I could automate the email from KNIME without triggering these security issues? I am guessing not, but just wanted to check before trying a different avenue.


Hi @mrman100 -

First of all, sorry for the trouble. Currently, I believe that “allowing less secure apps” is the only way to make this work from the KNIME side.

After a bit of digging, I’m not sure what Google’s security standards are in this case; if anyone has a link to them I’d be happy to see it. Then I can provide that info to our dev team to see about compliance.


Thanks Scott - really appreciate the response!

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