KNIME MacOS dmg creation

Could you let me know the command options that you use to create the KNIME Analytics Platform dmg ( on MacOS? Are you using ‘hdiutil’ to create the dmg?

Yes, we are using hdiutil. It’s a rather long script that we use, what exactly do you want to know?

Hi Thorsten,

Actually I downloaded KNIME Analytics Platform 3.7.1 dmg ( and extracted the same and recreated the dmg. Below are the sizes at various stages:

  1. Original download size - 523 M
  2. Unpacking the dmg (to folder knime_3.7.1/)- 1.4 G
  3. Creating the dmg again - 788 M

And the command I used for step 4 is:
hdiutil create knime_3.7.1_new.dmg -volname "SCHRODKNIME" -fs HFS+ -srcfolder knime_3.7.1

Actually I expect the size at step 3 to be same as 523M or somewhere close to that, but it is 788 M.

So I just wanted to check if the hdiutil command options that I use to recreate the dmg is fine or not.


I see. You can compress dmg images using e.g. hdiutil convert -format UDBZ.

OK. Thanks. Let me try this.