Knime Maria DB Connection

Hi there,

I want to connect to mariadb with knime. However when I try I got access denied error. Also I uploaded mariadb database driver. as shown below. How can I connect maria db?


hi @mugur ,
I use MySQL Connector node, with these settings

(MariaDB database server must be up and running)

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Have you tried connecting to the DB with other means? Maybe it doesn’t allow remote connections.

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Hi @mugur and welcome to the Knime Community. Access denied looks like the connector is working, it’s just that your access is denied.

To @duristef 's point, you can also use the MySQL Connector since MariaDB is forked from MySQL.

And to @Thyme 's point, it could be that you simply do not have access. Try connecting to your MariaDB with other means than Knime from the same station where you are running Knime from.

In MariaDB (as well as MySQL), users are defined with user and password of course, but also from which IP they are connecting from. Of course, it can be defined to connect from anywhere using a wildcard, but for security purposes, users are usually restricted from certain IP or range of IPs. Please check if your user is allowed to connect from where your Knime is running.

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