Knime missing nodes after i download the workflows fronm GITHUB


I have 2 problems related ad lost all my work, please help.
Few month ago, i had a replacement laptop at my work, hence i copied all my workflows to Onedrive and also uploaded few of the workflows to GITHUB. On my new Laptop, i have installed a different version of knime.

Today I want to execute a workflow and had to pull the code from Github to my knime workspace and when i open the workflows, in one of the workflow, many nodes are missing, in my second workflow, i can see some nodes missing

So i tried to get the code from One drive and i cannot find my workflows n teh OneDrive

please help here

@chaithuj concerning one drive you might want to take a look at this entry:

Can you tell us more about the storage on GitHub?


Mastering KNIME: Unlocking Peak Performance with Expert Tips and Smart Settings | by Markus Lauber | Low Code for Data Science | Medium

See this Part:

“Backup is only for the faint of heart?”

I don’t have # or % in the workflow names
We check-in the workfows to GIT Repository and checkout when we have to use it for version control

This is the first time, i have checked out code and ses this issue happen

@chaithuj it is not about the name of the workflow but the special characters that KNIME uses in order to manage the nodes. A KNIME workflow is a collection of folders and xml and configuration files.

Thank you, so could storing code in git could be the issue
Did we see this issue before

@chaithuj I don’t know. My first idea would be the issue with OneDrive can you provide an example of how you stored a KNIME workflow on Github?