KNIME MLP Help with catergorical attributes

Hey guys, I’m new to MLP and needed some help with it. I have a worksheet with the target attribute to be salary(nominal/catergorical attribute). Am i doing it the correct way or am i missing something

best regards Matt


Hi Matt @pizafile , welcome to the KNIME Forum,

I think you are doing it (more or less) in the correct way, but if doesn’t work something is missing…
To help you out, more information is needed; e.g.

  • what is the error-message from the RProp MLP Learner and/or
  • is it possible to share (the workflow with) some (non-confidential) sample data to reproduce your flow.

gr. Hans

I’m getting a double required error but i don’t really know how to prepare my data for it to work, what nodes should i use for the salary attribute(target attribute)?
KNIME_test.knwf (414.1 KB)

Hi @pizafile

Your workflow was not quite correct. The NN Learner takes only Doubles as an input. (and the target variable). So I made some adjustments to your wf KNIME_test_2.knwf.knwf (576.3 KB) to make it work .

gr. Hans


I see, thank you for helping me :slight_smile:


I have another question, how do i make this model more accurate?

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