KNIME Modern UI feedback

Just stared using the modern UI and one step back in my opinion is the workspace explorer. With the old ‘tree’ layout I could expand multiple folders and easily open multiple workflows.

With the new layout I have to drill into each folder to open a workflow which is a lot of clicking.

I also miss the search function as I have a lot of workflows and folders and can’t always remember where they are saved.

Hi @bobpeers,

I added the “tree view for space explorer” feature request to our list to investige it further, also, the “search for workflows” feature was already in our list and I added your feedback there.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


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Dear All,
I really like the modern UI and I am using this for the vast majority of the KNIME workflows. However the autosave option appears to only work in the classic user interface. It would be great if autosave could be included in the modern UI.
Kind regards,