KNIME move from libwebkitgtk3 to libwebkitgtk4 in 4.2.0 ?

Howdy Knime folks,

in my other post I reported a problem with webkitgtk3 on Knime version 4.1 for the Widget designer.
This problem is now present also when starting KNIME in general for version 4.2.

The problem is as follows:

  • When starting KNIME a popup alerts “Missing browser integration”
  • Information about nodes (per default on right side) are not shown correctly.
  • According to FAQ#6 we installed webkitgtk3.


  • Remove webkitgtk3 (may be optional)
  • Install webkitgtk4

So I think KNIME now requires webkitgtk4. This was maybe already required in version 4.1, but only for the Widget explorer, which is probably not so widely used.

Can anyone confirm? Maybe the FAQ should be updated for this?

Regards, IPtizer

Okay, I verified this once more. Everything is working with KNIME 4.2.0 && KNIME 4.2.3 with installing webkitgtk in the following version. (“plugin…” & jsc" are installed as dependencies)

[user@mylinux ~]$ rpm -qa |grep webkit


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