KNIME node for Limesurvey survey data query

Limesurvey is a tool used for surveys, mostly in consumer analytics and academic circles, and it would be great if from KNIME one could connect to it directly in order to run a workflow from the survey data.

The most meaningful response was this:
'The RemoteControl API is the way to go at the moment. [See long description of code which I don’t understand but which already might be used to just paste into a preexistent Knime node]

  1. In the long run: KNIME extension for LimeSurvey
  2. Shortcut: Check interfaces of other languages, which might already have a toolchain into KNIME.
    LimeSurvey via R: LimeR:
    LimeSurvey via Python: Limepy :

The question is whether the API interface could be used to build a KNIME extension node, and how complicated this would be.

Hi @christianlangkamp,

based on the information on the documentation page I assume one can also query the API directly with REST calls (I had to scroll all the way down to find that relevant piece). Based on that I assume you can make use of any function provided by remote control API.

If you want to have something more like a normal node instead of a combination of REST and transformation nodes to achieve this, I’d recommend to put everything into a Component and make it configurable by using Configuration nodes.


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