Knime noobie - How to copy paste the output of a node


I’ve just changed my computer and it looks like I have the new Knime version because I’m completely lost. I was used to navigate easily but now it’s different.
To copy paste the output of a node, I used to click right on the node, go to output and copy paste the table (select headers, ctrl+a ctrl+c and then ctrl+v in excel). But now I can’t, it just doesn’t work with the new version. Could you please help a noobie? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hey @mcha,

You would want to use the ‘Excel Writer’ node for your case. It will auto populate the table into an excel file which you can then work with further depending on what you want to do. For your case, if you have a specific file you want to copy that data you can Ctrl+a and copy paste it to wherever you need it.

Alternatively if you are copy pasting it to just append to a sheet you have on excel, you can go into the properties of ‘Excel Writer’ and select append, and it should just auto populate it after any data that is in your particular sheet. (For your case I would route the File to whichever excel file you are using) - I would keep a backup just in case.

Hope this helps,

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Hi @mcha , welcome to the KNIME forum. You will hopefully get used to using the new UI for KNIME, but it can take a little time.

Of course, if you are suddenly feeling “lost” but were previously using the old UI, and especially if you need to be productive right now, preferring to learn the new UI as and when you have time, then all is not lost. You can switch between the old and the new style as you please, by using the menu top right…



Thank you!! I’ve switched to the old interface :slight_smile:
I knew about the excel writer but didn’t want to create an excel writer for each node, sometimes I like to copy paste an output just to do some check prior to going forward.

Thanks for your help!!

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