KNIME, ODBC, Infoplus Aspen Tech

How can I read a date from Infoplus by ODBC in KNIME ? 

In SPSS I use a nuget 'SQL dates base' and this script:


select ts, value FUNC_US8   from history 
 where name = 'FUNC1_D@08QU-FR-851I-01M1'
and ts between '$P-START' and '$P-END' and period = '$P-PERIODO'


the receommended way in KNIME is to uses JDBC to connect to external database. Does Infoplus Aspen Tech provide a JDBC driver? If not you need to install a JDBC/ODBC bridge driver such as the commercial one from EasySoft. For information on how to register a new dirver have a look at the database documentation. Once you have the driver installed you can execute your query as it is with the Database Reader node.