Knime on AWS / EC2 Amazon?

Hi there,

i’m quite deep into Knime and wanted to do a little more advanced AI-based projects with NLP, Deep Learning, etc. Unfortunately my computer is an older Macbook and not that fast. So i had the idea to switch to an EC2-Instance on Amazon. Does anybody has experience in doing so. My questions are:

  1. What are reasonable Instances to work with Knime?
  2. Which instances support GPU-Acceleration?
  3. What ist faster RDP/VPN/…?
  4. Does it matter to work with Linux oder Windows?

I really would appreciate your answer and your help.


Hello @nicofl,

there’s been some number of topics over the years about running KNIME on AWS. Reading them probably won’t answer all of your questions but should give you some perspective about it:



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