[Knime on AWS] How to upgrade knime server 12.3 to Knime Server 13?

Hello, Knime Nation!

Is there a one-push button to upgrade to the latest knime server version on Linux?

I skimmed through the docs, and it looks like it’s a fresh install. Is this correct?

Hi @patrick-roch,

unfortunately there is no one-push button solution to upgrade to the latest KNIME Server version on AWS.

Please be aware that the KNIME Server releases x.y.0 as the first releases of a new major build are not recommended to use in production.

If you want to update now anyway, you could perform the update as described here: KNIME Server Release Notes and Update Guide
The KNIME Server update would be possible by replacing the knime.war and knime-tomcat.jar files with the new ones, for the executor you have to install it from scratch as the included JRE changed from version 8 to 11.

Once a new AMI build is ready (there won’t be one for 4.13.0 as an update is not recommended in production, but there will be builds for each bugfix release starting with 4.13.1) you could also follow the guide regarding a disc swap update: KNIME Server on AWS Marketplace



@MichaelRespondek Thank you for your quick response and insights on the upgrade.

Much appreciated!