KNIME on Azure, Big Data Extensions


I try to use KNIME on Azure and especially the Big Data Extensions.

I started with a Windows Data Science Virtual Machine, downloaded KNIME, unpacked and intalled the Big Data Extensions. They are downloaded and show up on the file system, but they are not shown in the Node Repository. If I try to install them again, I see that they are already installed.

To understand this, I also installed KNIME on my Notebook, installed the Big Data Extensions and they show up fine on my Notebook. Then I put the whole lokal KNIME in a .zip, upload it to my virtual machine in Azure and again, they Big Data Extension does not show up anymore in the Node Repository.

Why is this? Shouldn’t it be free?

And I have one more questions regarding KNIME on Azure: I can also get KNIME from the Azure Marketplace, which has some license costs, but I can’t see a difference to the free version. Can you please explain this?

Thank you

Hi Tobias,

Can you share the KNIME.log file from the KNIME Analytics Platform installation on the Windows Data Science Virtual Machine. That should help us to debug why the nodes aren’t visible in the Node Repository.


Jon (9.1 KB) (46.6 KB)

I found and attached a .log file in [knime-workspace]/.metadata and a knime.log in [knime-workspace]/.metadata/knime

Hi Tobias,

thanks for the logs, they were quite helpful. There is a known issue with KNIME on Windows 2016 Server and other newer Windows versions. This one looks like it could be the cause. The suggested workaround is to add the following line to your knime.ini (in the KNIME installation folder):

The underlying cause seems to be Eclipse. Since KNIME is currently built on Eclipse 4.6.1 it fails to properly detect newer Windows versions, because they did not exist at the time that this particular Eclipse version was released.

Hope this helps,


Hi Björn,

thank you, it helped!

My second question is that there 2 ways to use KNIME on Azure:
A) use a blank VM and install KNIME there
B) use KNIME from the marketplace

B does cost license fees … is there any other difference?

Thank you,

Hi @Tobiasx

there is no difference in what you can do with A) or B).

A) is more manual, also you need to install the KNIME extensions yourself. B) is more convenient and saves you time.

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